Financial Planning Specialists for Entrepreneurial Businesses

in Orange County and Throughout Southern California

Irving Katz customizes powerful business financial plans that get working.

Ask Yourself:

Are your financial services delivering every possible advantage to your business bottom line and consistently so?

Does your financial consultant work side by side with your accountant, attorneys and other advisors as an active part of your team?

In hiring a financial consultant to develop a business financial plan will you settle for anything but the best?

No to all three? You’ve come to the right place. We are Katz Financial LLC, a top financial services company based in Orange County. How did we get here? We have helped literally thousands of small businesses gain solid financial footing. Furthermore, we’re SoCal locals . . . we live in Orange County (and have for years), we operate in Orange County (and have for years), and we love it in Orange County (yes indeed, ditto and ditto.)

Think about how much more you would enjoy your working life if you felt secure in the knowledge you’re actually getting somewhere. Let’s talk.

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Katz Financial LLC Highlights

Family Business

Fit to Size

Your Financial Team

Tax Reduction Help

Services Offered.

Meeting the challenges specific to entrepreneurial, small-to- medium companies and family firms today assures a brighter future. More

These robust programs perform targeted tasks for our customers assuring business longevity or a comfortable retirement without having to reinvent the wheel. More

Reducing taxes on income not needed for your lifestyle can defer taxes or convert income into a more tax-efficient cash flow. More

An unforeseen demise or the need for long-term care should not have to hurt your company revenues or spoil your family’s future. More

Smaller businesses can also offer employer-funded and managed defined benefit retirement plans like those provided by large institutions. More

Hanging on to what is yours may mean legal strategies for guarding your wealth and assets to protect them from creditor claims. More

A special retirement account that funded with post-tax income requiring no up-front tax deduction with contributions and distributions are tax-free. More

Competitive compensation design attracts best-in-class executives to build their wealth over the long term along with company loyalty and longevity. More

Having your succession plan in place – whether to a family member or for eventual sale – can keep your company running at full strength. More

Does your financial consultant work with your accountant and attorneys as part of a coordinated financial team?

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