Business Financial Planning

Business Financial Planning Definition: A financial plan created specifically for business succession and business continuity.

Big Businesses Strategies

Businesses such as investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, corporate treasuries and regulatory agencies all employ financial planning for product development, product evaluation, derivative securities valuation, portfolio structuring, risk management, and scenario simulation.

Likewise, smaller businesses and family firms need to employ financial planning too if they’re going to prosper and grow. While some big business strategies are scalable, others are specifically tailored for startups, sole proprietor and family-owned companies.

Your Business Financial Planning

At Katz Financial LLC, helping family firms and entrepreneurial enterprises of every size is who we are. We specialize in identifying, creating, developing and implementing new financial instruments, models and processes to solve client problems in finance and take advantage of new financial opportunities.



Business Financial Planning Explained

It is also about having a plan for business succession and business continuity. This plan moves into action when the owner(s) who run the company or a key team member like the chief rainmaker, production manager, etc. becomes disabled, dies, or decides to retire.

There is no better example than our great USA, that has survived and thrived for 241 years because there is a clearly written succession and continuity plan.

Businesses of all kinds and types need a written and funded succession plan in place to move from generation to generation and leader to leader.