Business Planning Tools

Business Planning Tools Definition: Business planning tools are branded, targeted, problem-solving protocols that include in-depth analysis and action plans for company owners to grow, prosper and retire in comfort. Armed with their information helps us to customize your plan for optimum results.

How can Katz Financial's business planning tools help your business?

Value Builder

Katz Financial is a Certified Value Builder Advisor. The Value Builder System is a statistically proven method to increase the growth, value and salability of a company by up to 71%. Its assessment is a cloud-based software tool that measures eight key factors of business success and combines them into one overall score. It then will tell us exactly what the valuation and performance of your company is today to help us determine what strategies and tools will best meet your goals.


Market Assessment

Through the help of its sister company—Business Coaches Unlimited — we can help turn around weak sales due to brand confusion, market misunderstanding, miscommunication and product misplacement and replace them with a significantly greater cash flow.

Life Insurance Audit

The recent upheaval in the financial markets has had a sudden, significant and lasting impact on most in-force permanent life insurance policies. A life insurance audit by Katz Financial can help you make the necessary adjustments in time to avoid policy penalties or lapsation.



Business Tools Explained

Business diagnostic tools are needed to assess business readiness to thrive and survive when adversity strikes.

Goals with clear action plans must be defined in years, with clear benchmarks that are measurable month to month, quarter to quarter and year to date for each business year.

Income statements of profits and losses should be analyzed to highlight tax issues in early stages, so they can be positively addressed early so the business is not confronted with lack of choice that cones from waiting to the last minute or when the best options are too late to implement.