Roth IRA for Small Businesses | Orange County, CA

ROTH IRA Definition: Unlike traditional IRA plans, contributions can be withdrawn both tax and penalty free for both account holders and their beneficiaries. There are also no required minimum distributions at age 70 ½. Therefore Roth IRA’s allow for those people not in need of the money in their Roth IRA plans to pass that money onto their beneficiaries without future taxation

What does Katz Financial like about the Roth-IRA?


Are you and your family prepared? If you die suddenly or are struck down by disability, your family might not be equipped to take over or even sell your business. You may have taken out loans backed by your family’s assets to start or grow the business. If forced to sell quickly, your heirs may have to do so at a discount or during market conditions that makes it less attractive. If you have partners, your family might be unable to step into your role or your partners might not be able to quickly buy out your share.


Conscientious business owners need income replacement insurance for their families, key person coverage and buy-sell agreements to protect the future of their companies.

If a partner, owner or key employee is suddenly gone, the business can deteriorate very quickly. With the right insurance in place- the surviving business partners will have enough capital to keep the business going while looking for a replacement for the deceased partner or to buy out the heirs of the deceased partner



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