Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax reduction Strategies Definition: Tax reduction strategies are plans for legally minimizing income tax owed by an individual or business by taking advantage of various tax credits, deductions and exemptions.

How can Katz Financial's tax reduction strategies benefit your bottom line?

Good News on the Tax Front

Nobody likes working as hard as you do just to hand it all over to taxes.

For over 30 years, Irving Katz has developed thousands of plans to help clients avoid unnecessary taxes. Katz Financial knows the legal strategies to reduce your taxes from the simplest to the most complex—all at fair and competitive rates.

Tax-Efficient Cash Flow

Reducing taxes on income not needed for your lifestyle can defer taxes or convert income into a more tax-efficient cash flow.

The simplest way to manage this is to reduce your taxable income by making sure part of your income is exempt from taxation. These plans have helped our clients redirect billions of dollars of tax savings to insurance policies, selective benefit plans and trusts that generate tax-free dollars and greater after-tax retirement income, bigger transfers to family members, and larger gifts to favorite charities.



Tax Reduction Strategies

Proactive businesses that are on top of their financial income statement reporting, monthly, quarterly and yea to date are in the best position to reduce their taxes.

That is because some of the best tax reduction strategies are time limited.

For example corporate pension planning needs to be structured within deadlines that are set even before year end.

Whether it is a 401K, Profit Sharing or Defined Benefit Pension, business owners that meet with their Accountants and other financial advisors on a quarterly basis are more apt to not miss these important tax reduction strategies.