Wealth Accumulation Education | Orange County, CA

 Wealth Accumulation Definition: Wealth accumulation enables your top executives to build wealth over the long term while fostering loyalty and commitment to your company.

How can Katz Financial help you motivate and retain your best executives?

Just Rewards

Customized tax advantaged solutions help your top executives supplement your organization’s retirement plan and bring parity to highly compensated employees in relation to their salary levels.

Highly compensated executives are restricted from accumulating adequate savings for a comfortable retirement due to annual dollar limits imposed under 401(k) plans. But executives are often limited under these plans to an annual savings rate of less than 6% of pay. Fear not, we have the solution.

The Best for the Brightest

At Katz Financial LLC we design, implement and monitor benefits for clear and effective wealth accumulation for your executives that acknowleges, encourages and keeps them focused on their role.

Depending on your company, compensation strategy and executive pool there are variety of plans we may recommend. These include Mirror 401K plans, pre-tax non-qualified deferred compensation plans, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP), annuities, after-tax 162 Bonus Plans or a Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI).



Wealth Accumulation

What is the best way to accumulate and protect wealth?

Is it a Qualified Plan that operates within section 101a of the tax code, such as a 401K, profit sharing or defined benefit plans? These plans are tax deductible when contributions are made and money is taxed when money is withdrawn..

Or is it A non-qualified plan that is a type of tax-deferred, employer-sponsored retirement plan that falls outside of employee retirement income security act (ERISA) guidelines. These plans are generally not tax deductible when contributions are made but many times money is not taxable when withdrawn.

Asset protection comes with most government plans, but can be designed by attorneys in non-qualified plans